Rorschach Test

Learn more about your personality.

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2017

Learn more about your personality. Say ‘hello’ to get started! You are shown a series of inkblot cards. Select the one you’re drawn to the most. Look at this card for about thirty seconds. What does the inkblot look like? The symbols you see might reveal details about your personality.

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Only one deck


Pretty accurate


Not the full test

Thanks for reviewing!
Haven't seen anything like this before. Creative tool :)
Always wanted to try this out. Question: Are there references included whether you used actual research or not?
Pretty cool and accurate. I would appreciate if you add more decks, though. There are more than just 4 selections in the real test.
@akhakhariev Thanks - working on it!
The results are pretty accurate