More signal, less noise.

Ropig is an alert management tool that filters the firehose of unnecessary notifications.

We built Ropig because we were frustrated by valuable dev time getting wasted by the constant noise and context switching caused by alerts. We tried existing tools but they're more focused on routing the noise rather than filtering it intelligently.

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Hi everyone! Super excited to debut Ropig today! We're a tiny team going against a very well-funded, well-established industry. But we think we've created something that will change the way dev teams manage their alerts. You can check out a free trial at We're currently running half off pricing for our launch early adopters! Just start a trial today to lock in that price. We also offer free-for-life accounts for Elixir projects at
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Nice work on this one! Beautiful, easy to use UI without all the bloat of Pager Duty. The team at Jungle Scout is signed up :-)
Congrats on the launch, @lkr! Looks awesome :) Question: how do you pick the animals featured in your product names?
I love how Ropig isn't afraid to address and mention the competition right on the home page. This shows that they really understand how they fit into the space (and can sell accordingly). I went from "I don't need this... " to "Hmm interesting..." after seeing this section: > How are you different from PagerDuty? > This one gets asked so much that we’re sticking it right on our homepage. > In Trello vs. Jira, we’re Trello.
looks awesome @lkr! what inspired you to go into dev tools after being so successful in the social media space?
@smalter Thanks Walter! This was definitely a scratch-your-own-itch situation. We were using the most popular alert management tool (hint hint for MeetEdgar and we found ourselves just ignoring the alerts which defeated the purpose of the product. That inspired us to dive deeper into the space and discover so many obvious improvements that were missing. (For example the ability to batch alerts, and the ability to do rate limiting which we have at Ropig.)