This is a holistic supplement for daily use. It helps to ensure that you have the necessary vitamins and minerals in your everyday diet. Filled with natural wild biodynamic herbs and organic minerals, it boosts your overall health.

REGULAR VERSION. Make it as a regular coffee drink in your favorite way (French press, moka pot, Chemex, etc.). Use two teaspoons for one cup of drink.

UPGRADED VERSION. First, make coffee as usual, but, instead of coffee beans, use root and seed grounds. Use two teaspoons for one cup of drink. Then, pour the hot drink into a blender. Add coconut, ghee or milk butter and MCT oil. Blend until it’s smooth and silky. P.S. Leftover grounds can be used as a supplement on any food.

- Healthy gut

- Strong immunity

- Calm mind

- Body detox

- Faster hydration

- More energy

- Cholesterol control

- Growth of intestinal bacteria

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