Programmable bank account for software developers

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We'll soon hear "I've lost all my money due to a bug in my code" stories
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@vict_r We've built in a sandbox to play around and test with before using your code on real money :) we're also busy working on a system to prevent the user from accidentally transferring money
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@louwhopley let me know when you support US startup customers! Looks very cool.
I'm rooting for you guys
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Great to see a local Cape Town startup crushing the number 1 spot ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
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I can't wait to run while (root.account.balance > 0) { root.add(10000) }
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what if you have 0 in your account ? `>=` is better :D @rajrindra
I have absolutely no idea what this is suppose to be doing. How can I code in money? This is going to need a detailed explanation. Your web page does not do a good job of explaining Root either.
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@dredurr Hey, Root is a bank account that has full API access, so you can use code to manage your money (send transfers, create new virtual cards, categorize transactions, etc)
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@dredurr This is exactly how I felt
@dredurr I think the reason I know what this was intuitively is because I've thought about how it should exist so often. I hope you're going to bring it to Canada.
@_davisnz @dredurr I felt the same way... Would be good to have some kind of explainer video...