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#5 Product of the DayApril 20, 2015
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Timothy Varner
Timothy VarnerMaker@timvarner · Founder, Roost
Hi all. I'm one of the co-founders with Roost. We were excited to be included in the Chrome press release that just went live about this and we're happy to provide easy implementation of Chrome notifications into any of your products. Hit us up for help. We're offering the Product Hunt community 500k free notifications, if you're interested in trying Roost. Some links you might find useful: Demo page with free notification offer: Our documentation: And a Chrome notification integration guide:
Jim Carter III
Jim Carter III@noinput · Cause Hacker
@timvarner I'm in, looking forward to using this!
Timothy Varner
Timothy VarnerMaker@timvarner · Founder, Roost
@noinput Glad to have you. Let us know if we can help.
Alexandre Barreira
Alexandre Barreira@abarreir · Software Engineer
@timvarner Did you guys here about chrome plans to sync authorised sites between mobile & desktop? E.g user subscribes to push notification on on his mobile, and receives notifications on his desktop if he's connected to the same google account.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
We just launched Product Hunt Browser Notifications using Roost. We've been waiting for this since we were YC batchmates back in S14, @timvarner. 😃
Timothy Varner
Timothy VarnerMaker@timvarner · Founder, Roost
@rrhoover It took longer than we expected, but we're really glad to see it as part of the Product Hunt experience.
Veselin@vesln · @AngelList Platform
Working with the Roost team was (and continues to be) a blast. Unlimited kudos to you guys!
Dave Branson Smith
Dave Branson SmithHiring@playswithfood · 96 Problems
@vesln Second that! Working with @timvarner and the team at Roost has been awesome as we have implemented push for our accelerator website here in Japan. The really cool thing about how Roost built their platform is the simplicity of integration; we have introed this to a few of our media-related portfolio companies in Japan, and they have no issues onboarding despite the language barrier -- it's that simple. Keep it simple Roost team! I know you will :)
Timothy Varner
Timothy VarnerMaker@timvarner · Founder, Roost
@shaanvp @jmj This is true push, not websockets. That is, no tabs need to be opened to receive the notifications. Chrome has to be running in the background, but that is typical. You're not alone in asking the question. We get asked this question so often, we wrote a blog post addressing it.
Krish Dholakiya
Krish Dholakiya@krrishd ·
Hm, for some reason even though I'm using Chrome it tells me to download Chrome and doesn't let me access the site :/
Timothy Varner
Timothy VarnerMaker@timvarner · Founder, Roost
@krrishd Chrome notifications only work in the latest build of Chrome (m42). The upgrade prompt isn't always super-noticeable, but if you just restart Chrome it should take care of everything itself.
Gautam Jain
Gautam Jain@gautam_io ·
@timvarner I wish I could dismiss the notification and still checkout your website (without having to upgrade). I have a ton of tabs open and can't close all of them atm. EDIT: Oops, just tried the home page - that doesn't have the notification.
Steven Hambleton
Steven Hambleton@stinhambo · Founder, Emailancer
@gautam_io Save them to Tabcloud, restart then open all back up again!