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Stuart Goldfarb@stuartgoldfarb · Co-founder, Melo7 Tech Partners
1) What are some of the biggest challenges you're facing? 2) Out of all things, why are you working on this?
Jonathan GillonMaker@gonjillon · Co-Founder/CEO, Roost
@stuartgoldfarb Why not another project? Because I, and almost everyone I know, have at least one horror story related to parking or storage. Roost has a major opportunity to make people's lives better and actually change the world for good. Other Reasons: - I could not sleep until I got the ball rolling for Roost. - The market and need is growing rather than shrinking. - Competitive landscape is fragmented and imperfect. - Sharing economy is new, hot, and growing fast... People are getting more comfortable sharing their resources with strangers.
Stuart Goldfarb@stuartgoldfarb · Co-founder, Melo7 Tech Partners
@gonjillon @stuartgoldfarbJonathan - what did you and rest of team do before this?
Jonathan GillonMaker@gonjillon · Co-Founder/CEO, Roost
@stuartgoldfarb Founding team before Roost: Jonathan Gillon: Co-Founder/COO at residential property tax reform company, was also Head of West Coast Sales at Before that failed 5 different startups at Lehigh University. Bonnie Lai - Co-Founder/CTO @rooststorage Previously teacher at Coding Dojo, Business Systems Analyst at Intuit.
Jonathan GillonMaker@gonjillon · Co-Founder/CEO, Roost
@stuartgoldfarb Biggest challenge is finding the right balance for growing our demand to meet the current supply of Roost spaces. Supply growth is currently manual, while demand generation is a function of digital marketing. Imagine being a chef at a fancy restaurant and having to cook two very different size/type dinners while making sure they arrive warm to the table at the same time. Other challenges: - Immediately educating new hosts/renters on Roost's safety features so that their skepticism is squelched right away. We are working on a new on-boarding process that will do this. - Teaching hosts/renters the best practices for Roosting their space and belongings. These best practices will become more clear over time, as we learn from user feedback.
Kumar Thangudu@datarade · Technologist
There was a company called that had a similar concept. Maybe mobile can unleash this into reality.