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This landing page is full of so much win. Without even reading a word, I know what it does (at a high level). We should add this to Product Hunt, although I'm anxious for Chrome support (currently Roost only supports Safari). How does this technically work, @timvarner.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan.. is this what you ended up using for push notifications on PH? cc: @timvarner
Ryan, thanks for the compliments on the design. Roost enables browser push for websites. In terms of UX conventions, it works similar to mobile app push. A visitor lands your site and is presented with a browser dialogue that asks whether they want to receive push notifications from your site. They can either Allow or Don't Allow. If they allow, the site can use push notifications to re-engage that visitor with content updates, product announcements, and so on. The end user never has to install anything. The website can install Roost in a couple minutes with one of our plugins or a snippet of roost.js. You can automate pushes with RSS-polling, one of our plugins, through the API, or just use the dashboard manually.
@timvarner no love for Chrome?
Love the concept congrats Timothy and team
Very cool. Curious to see some real life use cases for this.