Anonymously gossip and chat with people at the same venue

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OK, so it's like Foursquare but with anonymous messaging?
@muneeb Exactly that: Whisper for Foursquare. It only allows people physically there to discuss at that venue. So people at the same conference hall, classroom, club or office can speak their mind and share pictures with others there without revealing who they are.
While I think from a tech/start-up perspective this looks great, I wonder what direction we'll take society in if we start shifting casual conversations among real people in the *same room* to an online platform. I may be biased, but I do think there are some interesting use-cases for Roomvine at venues, e.g. where things are going a bit awkward, but no one wants to be the one to point it out, the organizer can simply tell by the anonymous sentiment on Roomvine that they need to change something asap. So more of a feedback tool, kind of what we're going for with PheedLoop but with presenters specifically. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
What kind of conversations do you see Roomvine useful for? Chatting through a smartphone app with people in the same room seems weird (you could just walk up to them). What are the benefits of anonymity in this context?
@marmelroy Thanks for asking. We were just white-boarding our "dream-cases". Let me paint a few scenarios for you: 1. You are at a club but are too reserved to go up to someone and start chatting (hey - not everyone's a playa!). You start off conversations on the anonymous chat-room and see if you hit it off with someone before meeting them at the bar for an in-person drink. Beats basing it on a Tinder profile pic! 2. People in your office are constantly leaving the toilet seat up and you don’t want to be “that person”. You anonymously blast your frustration on the office's chat-room and let others get the hint. 3. You are a student see something funny and you want to share with others at school but don’t want your name on the byline. You send a message on your class’s chat-room and all other students in the class can see it instantly and react. 4. You want to give the manager of your favorite deli some harsh feedback but don’t want to be the one to break his heart. You tell them anonymously on Roomvine, either on the main screen or on a one-to-one chat. 5. You couldn't make it to Sao Paulo for the FIFA world cup final. You wish you could see and feel the ambiance of the crowd. Twitter hashtags don’t filter out the people who are note really there. You “observe” the Stadium chat-room to hear and see the experience from the eyes of live spectators.
I really like the idea. However... I'm imagining a bunch of engineers using this at a bar while everyone else is trying to talk other people. I don't recall the last time I looked at my phone when I was out at a bar. I thought that was the point of going out to socialize with human faces :( I think this has legs and is really interesting but I think in popular social events this might be kind of weird?
@johnnyquachy Thanks Johnny. We're looking forward to finding out soon. What we figure is that it really depends on the context, culture and size of the gathering. For example, if its a bar with 30 people in it, then there's not much point (unless you want to ask "anyone want to shoot darts" instead of going person to person). But imagine you're at a really large public party or concert. You might be missing out something in another corner or floor of the event. You could flip on your phone and see pictures people are uploading from that area. Or if you're thinking of walking 100 feet through the crowd to visit the loo, you could just ask "how long is the line to the little boy's room" before making your way there. Lets see!
@sameernoorani after reading some of your examples I can see some utilitarian uses for it. I must of misunderstood that it was mostly a "social" application for strangers to bond over certain details. I think the idea is great. I just worry that with most social apps it's all chicken/egg problem. No users makes a single user's experience sad. With this not only do you need users you need users in the space you're standing in. That makes it a bit harder I feel. Whisper is kind of omin-present and everywhere so it never feels empty. I'd be very interested in seeing how this does. I I think it could be totally fun to use.