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Thanks @milann, we are very excited to be on Product Hunt! Roomr was born out of our own personal experiences of housesharing. We've lived with really awesome housemates and shared tons of great experiences, making friends for life. But finding those great housemates in the first place can be really tough. Current sites and services out there focus on just rooms, with a varying quality of photos and little to no information about the most important factor for house sharers, the people that live there! Roomr is the first app-based service that puts housemates at the centre of the experience, making it really easy to find people you’ll get along with, using tags to match like-minded interests :) We can't wait to hear your thoughts on Roomr :) Thanks guys! 🏡✌️
@thinkinpixels I really like the mobile first focus. Our smart phone has become the to go to tool to get stuff done. While finding a house (or roommate) has been mostly through Facebook and marketplaces this now can be improved by you. The photos you make of your room you also make on mobile so let's keep it there. What I'm wondering is how many matches have you already made? What's your goal there, and how do you consider a city to be a success (KPI's and stuff) to go to the next.
@milann We agree! We felt a mobile first approach was right for our audience. We're starting with London as our initial market to test, using this time to analyse how users are engaging with the app and to gather feedback. Roomr 'matches' like minded housemates through tags. What we do know is that since launching our BETA, just over 1 in 10 registered users have initiated a conversation with another housemate on our platform, which is in line with our expectations. But successfully placed housemates happens as a result of private messaging between users. We will be carrying out specific research to find out the number of users who have been successfully placed with Roomr, and how they found the experience :)
@thinkinpixels cool cool, looking forward to this being a success, I love seeing new valuable connections happen (it's basically my life goal to connect peeps)
What I love most about such kind of products: they solve a problem! I do love the design and look and feel: clean, simple, intuitive. The pixel art is awesome! Hope you will be launching in new cities soon! Keep up the great job!
@aramiggs Thanks Aram! :)
So as you know, SF is a roommate mecca since I don't have an arm or leg to spare for rent --- so I'm using this ASAP. Awesome product/service!
@samir_doshi thanks man, we are just starting out in London, but we've got big ambitions to take to new cities in the future :)
This is an awesome way to solve a real problem. I love the pixel art (for once not for a game, but for a product). Now launched in London (oh god it's a problem there). When are you launching next city @thinkinpixels? Like New York, Amsterdam and Berlin? :)
Thanks dude! For now we're just in London, but we know this is a global problem. We'd be interested to hear from you guys about your experiences finding housemates in other cities around the world too...
@thinkinpixels It would be awesome for you guys to work with Teleport or something to find the most extreme problematic metro areas. Hey @seikatsu this might be interesting Hahaha speaking of which, SF
@milann @seikatsu this is super cool!
Thanks, @milann for thinking of this connection & congrats on the Roomr release, @thinkinpixels! I'm also thinking how this could click with our local area home optimization tools ( Geographically have not taken those to London yet, unfortunately, but have been asked about a "room sharing" filter next to the current apartment sizes before... Do you guys have any API plans?
@seikatsu @milann this is really interesting, great data visualisation. I think we have some shared values too around free movement of people. We are really excited about using our Housemate Tag data in valuable and interesting ways in the future and APIs are definitely on the roadmap ;)
Interesting take on finding housemates. Such an annoying process atm!
@bentossell the app is really great... the filters are perfect haha.
@bentossell Thanks Ben, we agree - and it really needn't be in fact it should be an enjoyable process! After all you're finding a potential new best friend, girlfriend, future co-founder, bandmate... or just great housemate :)