Rent furniture to stay flexible & feel at home anywhere

On, you can rent your furniture with free delivery & setup. This helps you to stay flexible while being able to design your home according to your preferences. Currently only in Berlin & Frankfurt / Germany.
  • Rishikesh Kumar Pushkar
    Rishikesh Kumar PushkarAlways seeking knowledge in all aspects

    - I like the delivery option; within a week for furniture is quite fast - I like that delivery AND set-up is free


    - Loading time for pages can be improved

    I browsed through the roomovo website today. I would be highly interested in such a service since I move around a lot and have my life packed inside one suitcase!

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  • Daniel Levelev
    Daniel LevelevSales, PPC & Web development

    Rent classy furniture, delivered to your home. I prefer this to IKEA when on short / mid term leases in my appartment.


    Only available in Germany, so far.

    Also will rent some sofas for our offfice :))

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Love the platform! Have you considered making it an open marketplace for users to rent their own furniture? Sometimes I have too much furniture for my small apartment, and putting it in storage would cost money.
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Actually we have considered that. But after calculating and planning every detail, we figured that at least in Germany, this business model can hardly if at all be profitable.
@christophe_vermeersch Great to see you considered the model. Looking forward to following the platform!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks a lot for reviewing it! :-)
Within the last 5 years, I had to move 7 times due to my studies and work. Always confronted with the hassle of owning furniture. So I was looking for a more flexible way to own furniture. Having no real options, I decided to tackle this issue myself. And now I need your help to make this product work and grow.
Any plans to go international?
@al_of_winter Plans definitely! What location were you thinking of?
Come to Netherlands!
@parag_r Will be there in 30 minutes! 🚀
@parag_r I noticed, this was probably one of the worst jokes of all times I have ever made. (Probably doesn't even make it to be called a joke)
@christophe_vermeersch You must be a fast biker then. See you soon!
@parag_r We actually do our deliveries with SpaceX...