Simple travel booking for Slack teams

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Super excited to be featured! We have been building Roomino for the last 6 months, and it's a big honor for us to be featured today on PH! Right now you can request hotels from Slack and soon you'll be able to request also an Uber ride. We have just published a post on Medium sharing our vision, actually Roomino is speaking, not us: :) Please share your feedback and tell us which travel services you would like to see in Roomino.
Hi @josuegio, congrats on the launch. What hotel reservation service are you guys using to fulfil reservations?
Hi @stuartfrisby we are partners with Expedia and looking for more suppliers, the idea with Roomino is not to be another OTA or metasearch, but to create a platform where multiple travel services can be connected with Slack.
Congrats! I met some of the team last year when they were in London, excited to see how this progresses. Just last night I was commenting on how Slack will be used for so much more than just IM :) (on Twitter amusingly enough)
Wow! @tonylucas thanks a lot! Amazing days in London, we were working hard in the last months improving, testing, changing, going from zero to zero point one. And now we have a new vision about what we could achieve working on communication platforms as Slack. Travel startups are incredibly hard, because creating a travel habit is not that easy and because the majority of these companies are marketing rather than tech companies. I hope we could chat again in London.
For those of you who may want to go for the slack integration first. This is the link:
Congrats! This is excellent!
@simpleasthat_ Thanks Marina!
very cool. i find it interesting that so many companies are building on top of slack -- similar to chrome plugins or mac apps. leveraging the existing network to connect, share information, and of course, make money!
@ak310i Today I've read on twitter: "Slack-First like Mobile-First companies"... it would be great and these are just the early days!