A female-friendly housing network in London, UK.

RoomForTea is a shared living platform listing affordable rooms to rent in London, UK. We connect you with local hosts in verified homes and you can book for flexible periods, from a few weeks to a year. Discover the real London experience - find top quality rooms at a low cost.

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Hello, lovely Product Hunt people 🙋🏻!! After months of hard work, we are thrilled to be launching on PH! As an unpaid intern in London I struggled to find a quality room at a low price. Why is it nearly impossible to find a decent room in a big city without paying an arm and leg⁉️ The problem is to find accommodation that is: ✅ vetted for safety and quality 🤝 shared with trusted individuals 👌 available for flexible, mid-term stays 💸 affordable relative to market rent The solution: 🏠 Our Hosted Home model allows anyone with a spare room(s) to host on RoomForTea. Guests live in a trusted community, with a live-in host and other guests from around the world. 🏘️ Each room listed on RoomForTea is verified and available to rent for flexible periods, from a few weeks to a year. Features: 🗓️ Filter rooms based on budget, dates and location 💰 Pay-as-you go system means you only pay for however long you want to stay. 😀 Detailed profiles ensure you find the perfect host/guest 👩‍💻 Clean and simple interface ⭐ Weekly offers on rooms Thank you from all of us at RoomForTea! Milena, Founder
This is and has been a labour of love. I’ve never met a team that was so dedicated to giving the best possible customer experience. When we say that RoomForTea is a community, we aren’t just talking about our hosts and guests. We (the RFT team) are part of the community ourselves. Yes, we have actually used our own product, and it rocks! Join us and let’s build something great together!

This summer I stayed in London for close to a month and thanks to the people form RoomforTea I got the chance to feel safe and welcome. I felt in love with the real city following my host recommendations like ridding the bicycle everywhere and watching the soccer games in the local hidden places. I can't wait to go back.


It gives you the peace of mind of sharing with someone trustworthy


I can't think of any.

RoomForTea's focus is around engagement, experience, and connection between Hosts and Guests for mid to long-term stays. The majority of Bookings are 2-3 months, so the user experience is different than short-term platforms where you are just booking for a few days. We continue to make additions to the platform that facilitate this type of UX, particularly in relation to Bookings (we have our own custom API), Trustm and Matching. As @apetrisor mentions, it's been a labour of love, and we would love to continue to engage with the community at large to create a superior product for the global Shared Living market!

Good luck !


Safe and convenient


Bit daunting