Roome Mini Plus

Smart lamp that uses presence detection to light your room.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2017
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Neat product and nice price point. Should do well in the campaign. One pet peeve of mine is shown in this video: marketing shots that's are representative of the real product. The magnetic base on the kitchen center island shows no power cord at all!
@trevin Hi Trevin, the power cord can be injected to the magnetic base, and also, you can put it off when you just want to put the Roome Light Mini+ on without the charge. You know, that's just like a usb plug, a micro usb joggle is behind the magnetic base, and you can put the micro usb plug of the cord into it. And, the products in the video are truly real. Thanks:)
@roger_homi I understand the cord could be removed but the video implies the light is charging each time it's shown being put in the base. Don't get me wrong, great looking product, it's just being slightly deceptive in the video.
@trevin Thanks for your suggestion. I'll give that feedback to our team. And sorry for the video to take you a feeling of slightly deceptive. When you put the Roome Light Mini+ on the magnetic base to charge, there is a small blue indicate light blinking on the base:)
@roger_homi listen, I don't want to nit pick on this thing but don't feel like my point is being made quite directly enough. This part of the video implies the base is charging it and amazing, no cords are visible on the table. Are you saying that it charges without a cord or that my interpretation of the video is wrong?
@trevin Hi Trevin, I do think you give me a advice, and I accept it. That's cool. I just want to say maybe there is a mistake. The base has two way to use, one is for charging for mini+, the other is to let the mini+ can be put stable. Mainly scene in the video want to show you can put the mini+ on the base stable to use, not show directly to the charge. There is a word to tell that mini+ can be charged because it has li-battery inside. So, just a mistake, and I just want to make it clear. Thanks, man, appreciate for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to my team to let them know, we should make that clear in the video in future :)
Roome Mini Plus is a smart LED night light that automatically turns on when you enter a room in the dark. It tracks your movement, monitors ambient light conditions, and gradually learns to control the light automatically for you. You can put it on magnetic charging base for continuous lighting or use it as a lantern for both indoor and outdoor use. With on charge, the battery can last up to 10 hours.
Great! Thanks, Kevin. And, I'm so glad to know you here, and answer all your questions!
@roger_homi if I get the twin pack, will I get two magnetic bases or just one? The product looks really neat! All the best!
@roger_homi just buy two early bird. ;)
@_theimmortal_ just buy two early bird. ;)
@simonhdma Yup! 👍 I thought of that but was just curious.. 😀
@_theimmortal_ Of course two:)
@simonhdma Thanks, Simon:)
@roger_homi too bad that project has not so much traction but I keep finger crossed to finish campaign with success. :)
Can there be a a separate section for products that have not been made yet? or possibly indiegogo/kickstarter tags?
@mannyorduna Roome Light Mini+ has been developed, MP products will be ready to ship when the campaign finish. Don't worry, you'll get it soon.