Modernizing hotel booking for groups and events

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Roomblocker is a new way to book group reservations at hotels with discounted group rates (for 10+ rooms). Hotels bid for your group, and you get matched with a dedicated concierge to help negotiate terms. Once booked, you send guests a link to your room block and manage it easily with a planner dashboard. They are in the Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. I wish this had existed when I was planning my wedding -- and I would have totally used them back when I was at WIRED and needed room blocks for conferences.
Thanks for hunting us Kat :) Hey there Product Hunt! I'm Dave, one of the founders at Roomblocker. Would love to answer any questions you might have about how we're reinventing group hotel bookings, or how room blocks work in general. We both worked at Salesforce, a large events-driven company, and room blocks were always a huge pain for attendees and the planners. It's an outdated industry and we're excited to bring it forward.
Such a great product. A huge pain point you guys are addressing.
@goddamnyouryan Thanks Ryan! We completely agree!
Love this! It's one of those products you are excited to tell people about because you know it's solving a big pain for them. Great work guys!
@bretthagler thanks Brett! You're right - room blocks can be a pain to book and manage, so we're making it easy
Awesome idea! Will definitely try it out next time I do vegas!