🏢 Free Meeting room displays for Cloud and On-Premises

See conference room status right at the door and make everyone clear on the room availability.

Put summary of today's meetings in your lobby and welcome office guests with the information they need.

Roombelt supports Google Calendar and Office365!

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@ziolkomz What features make this different from other meeting room availability solutions out there?
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@amrith It's not about features this time. Honestly, Roombelt currently has fewer features than e.g. Robin or Teem. This is because I followed the "release early, release often" principle.
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Hi PH, Mateusz from Roombelt here. Roombelt is a simple meeting room display system supporting both Cloud and On-Premises deployment. Roombelt is perfect for companies looking for a meeting room display system that is simple to configure and use. I am looking for early adopters and will be happy to know your thoughts.