Open source and free meeting room display system 🏢

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Put tablets with Roombelt outside meeting rooms and make everyone clear about rooms availability.

Create new meeting directly from the app. Just one click and the room is yours.

If you use Google Calendar you are all set! Other calendar providers will be supported later.



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Amrith ShanbhagHiring@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
@ziolkomz What features make this different from other meeting room availability solutions out there?
Mateusz ZielińskiMaker@ziolkomz · Maker, software engineer
@amrith It's not about features this time. Honestly, Roombelt currently has less features than e.g. Robin or Teem. This is because I followed the "release early, release often" principle. I focused on making On-Premises version as easy to setup as Cloud version. If you don't want to share details of all your meetings (which is quite a lot information) with yet another thirdparty then Roombelt may be a good choice. Still, you can use Cloud version for evaluation and even on production if you want.
Mateusz ZielińskiMaker@ziolkomz · Maker, software engineer
Hi PH, Mateusz from Roombelt here. Roombelt is a simple, open source and free meeting room display system. It comes in two versions - Cloud and On-Premises (both provide the same features). Roombelt is perfect for companies looking for a meeting room display system that is simple to configure and use (also On-Premises). I am looking for early adopters and will be happy to know your thoughts.