Room Racer AR

Miniature multiplayer AR racing game for iOS!

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Race against a friend over bluetooth in multiplayer, or go head-to-head with a CPU opponent in single player!

Room Racer ships with 9 tracks to play on - and a complete AR track editor to create as many as you want, wherever you want.

Super-simple tap-to-accelerate system means anyone can play - but there can only be one winner...

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Sam Piggott
Sam PiggottMaker@sam_piggott · Co-founder at Combo
Hey all! My name's Sam, I'm the developer behind Room Racer AR! First off, thanks so much for hunting us, Abadesi 🙏✨ Jamie and I have been building iPhone AR games since ARKit was announced last July with our little studio, Combo! We wanted to make an AR racing game, because, simply put, we really liked slot car racing toys, like Scalextric and Micro Machines, as a kid - and we realised that by putting the concept into AR, players could create huge tracks around their house, race on them with friends, AND (at the risk of sounding like a cheesy TV ad), not have the frustration of tidying up afterward! Combo's a two-man studio at its core; Jamie did all the UI and design work for it, and I did the development work. Outside of that, we hired in the wonderfully talented Ajay Karat from to put the car models together for us, and Henry Everett made us some beautiful music at the eleventh hour (thanks again, Henry!). The project was put together using Unity, and we're using Apple's ARKit framework to bring it to life. We're really proud of our game, and we really hope you enjoy playing it against friends and family. We'll be around today to answer any questions you might have about the game. Excited to hear your thoughts!
Adnane Ait Zait
Adnane Ait Zait@adnane_az
good work . How long did it take you to make this AR game?
Sam Piggott
Sam PiggottMaker@sam_piggott · Co-founder at Combo
@adnane_az Hey Adnane! It took us a total of 3 months start to build and ship Room Racer. We spent a little time beforehand going back and forth to decide what to build, but after we decided on the concept, everything came together very quickly :)
Dawid Mrozek
Dawid Mrozek@dawid_mrozek · IT
Sam Piggott
Sam PiggottMaker@sam_piggott · Co-founder at Combo
@dawid_mrozek Thanks Dawid!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Software is eating children's train toys
Sam Piggott
Sam PiggottMaker@sam_piggott · Co-founder at Combo
@rrhoover It was inevitable, Ryan