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Thanks @erictwillis for hunting us! We’re delighted for the chance to tell you a bit about Room for More, how it came about, and why you should check it out. We’re a team of product builders based in Boston. For the last couple of years our team of user researchers has interviewed hundreds of smartphone users to identify their major pain points. One issue immediately overshadowed all the others: people’s phones are constantly running out of space because they are filled up with photos and videos. We figured it was time to solve this problem once and for all. Room for More is not your ordinary cloud photo storage. Helping you reclaim your precious storage space is our primary mission and Room for More is definitely the easiest way to do so. Just one button to both save your photos and videos to the cloud, and clear them from your phone. No more stressing over which photo is safe to delete. You’re in control. We know you don’t want everything up in the cloud. You pick and choose what goes there and when. And if you need anything back on your phone, or sent to your laptop, it’s just another tap. We don’t like the usual pricing tiers: either you’re paying for a lot of storage that you’re not using, or you find yourself having to manage your online storage space to stay below your cap. With Room for More, you pre-pay a small amount right from the app, and we charge you over time based on your exact consumption. In short, you simply pay for what you use — nothing more. We’re serious about privacy. No one wants their photos mined for advertising. Our privacy policy is crystal clear, and that’s not what we’re about. We’re giving Product Hunters an extra 5GB of free storage, check us out at We’d love to hear your feedback!
@johanbilien hi Johan. Are you doing your own storage? Or are they on another provider? I'm thinking it would be nice to use my existing Dropbox or S3 bucket
@mscccc Hi Mike, right now the photos and videos go to our S3 buckets. We like the idea of allowing users to use their existing cloud storage, it's on our backlog. Which other cloud storage would you like to use?
@johanbilien Personally I prefer dropbox. Especially with new services. My worry would be that RoomForMore might disappear. While I know that dropbox won't.
@mscccc I understand your concern, but we're here for the long haul, see my response to @sirioz below. Thanks, Dropbox would definitely be one of the supported services for a "bring your own storage" feature!
@johanbilien I would prefer Dropbox too
What is the difference between Google Photos and Room for More ?
@ivarjain Google photo only back up "high quality photo" or if you want full resolution it will use up your google drive space. But there is no information about quality on room for more website. Beside, Shoebox, Amazon photo and Everalbum is basically doing the same thing.
@jimbb @ivarjain We store full size, original photos and videos in Room for More.
@ivarjain Until recently Google Photos did not make space on your phone. They've added it, but they don't give you any control over *what* gets cleared. Room for More lets you choose what photos and videos to move. Google Photos doesn't store originals by default, and if you want originals you will likely have to buy one of Google's storage options and pay for storage you're not using. Room for More always stores originals and makes it easy to download them back. And our system is pay-as-you-go, so you're not paying for storage you won't use. I use both Room for More and Google Photos, so I view them as complimentary. I use Google Photos as another backup for my photos and their search and organization tools are amazing. But when I need to make room on my phone for more photos, videos, apps, whatever, I send them to Room for More.
Just what I was looking for.
Mmm...Photos, videos, memories, are so important nowadays (no more paper). Why I should trust on you? What If you run out of money? I think people would prefer to store their memories on well known and solid companies like Google, Amazon, that (who knows...) will never die. Just my opinion.
@sirioz Hi Sirio, that’s a fair point, but your photos and videos are safe on Room for More. We are privately funded, no VC. Our parent company has been around since 1986, so we’re here for the long haul. On our backend, we rely on the best and most reliable online storage out there, from Amazon Web Services. We also want to make sure we’re never holding your photos hostage. It’s literally one tap, right from the app, to have an email sent to you with links to an archive of all your photos. So if for any reason you decide Room for More isn’t for you, getting all your photos back won’t be a problem. Finally, we offer customer support by phone and email, so we can answer any question you might have about the app. We think that being able to reach a human being when you have an issue is the best way to build trust.
@sirioz Agree. Same concern here. Even Carousel could die. Cause lots of trouble for its current users. BTW, isn't it very easy for Google Photo to add "clear" button if they want to do so?
@elaineluyi @sirioz Google Photos has a free up space feature, but it's a little different. It's all or nothing, if you tap the button all your local copies are removed. We know many people want to keep their favorite photos on their device, and don't necessarily want all their photos sent to the cloud. Google Photos is great but it's not for everyone. We know that a lot of people care about keeping the original photos and videos. With Google Photos, if you're on the free plan, photos are re-compressed to take less space, and videos are down-sampled to 1080p. Room for More always keeps the original. Photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos are subject to Google's privacy policy, which states that the data will be used “to offer you tailored content – like giving you more relevant search results and ads.” That might be OK for your emails, but we think your photos and videos should be off limit when it comes to mining for ads.
Oops, not available in Czech (EU) store :-(
@dadc Hi David, sorry about that, we're US only right now. We're planning to launch internationally in the beginning of 2016.