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Hi everyone, I lead the product, Room. There are quite a few of us working on Room, so on behalf of the team here in San Francisco, thanks for hunting this and all of upvotes. We hope you like Room. Room's Twitter handle is @get_room. If you have questions, feel free to post or email me:
@horatiol this looks really promising. I can't find anything about pricing, is that not something that you're doing yet, and are you likely to soon? One thing I like about is the ability to have a customized, static URL that I can share, and also to have permissions around who can join the particular room at any given time, do you have plans for anything like this, or does it already exist?
@radiofreejohn Room is free to use, and at the moment, I don't have anything to share regarding paid features. Regarding vanity URL's, the feature is on our list of potential features for consideration.
@horatiol thanks again Horatio. I used Room for a live demo just now and it worked great. I made a vanity room by just typing the name in :P I'd love to be able to have control over it though but I assume I was using the product in an unintended way so that's OK :)
@radiofreejohn Hi John. Great to hear you enjoy using Room. If you like Room, let your friends and colleagues at Heap know about Room too. Thanks.
Hey guys, I found Room by accident and I love it so far. Finally a great replacement for Skype and so far a seamless experience.
@dunjalazic Thanks Dunja! We are very glad to hear that you love Room. In a nutshell, our team is focused on delivering a simple, seamless, beautiful video call experience. If you like Room, let your friends know about Room too. We are always working to improve the product, so stayed tuned. If you have any questions, you can always reach me directly via
@dunjalazic This was a great find. We just came across it too and put it in all our slacks.
Reminds me of Rooms looks encouraging - getting my parents onto a Google Hangout is mindblowingly hard and confusing for them.
@dshan Hi Derek. Many competing products involve a lot steps before you can actually start talking to another party. Some even ask their users to type out the name of call (like "weekly-update-with-john-smith"), which isn't ideal for most scenarios. Our focus is delivering the simplest, most-seamless and beautiful video call experience.
@horatiol Is Android on the horizon?
@kalivia Hi Katelan. We're working on it. We hope to have it out soon.
Congrats on new improved UX version of Room... Really like ability to reuse and rename rooms, and to swap front and back cameras!