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ROOFTOP is a free newsletter that curates the best advice on the internet for men into a weekly email. Whether it's style, grooming, health, cooking, dating, wealth, productivity, or any other piece of advice you need to become better, we've got you covered.
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Hey guys, So I'm a subscriber to a bunch of men's newsletters like Mister Spoils. These types of newsletters all focus on men's lifestyles and entertainment. But while going through a ton of issues, I realized something... Why does no one focus on just men's personal development? And by personal development, I mean helping men become better at life. You see, I've also spent countless hours searching the web whenever I needed help to do something such as trying to figure out what to wear for a date, productivity tips that can help me make more money, or how to build more muscle without the fat. The reason why it takes so long? There's too much fluff out there. So what if I could make a newsletter that specialized in helping you become better at life by curating the internet's best advice for men? And that was how ROOFTOP was born. Every week, I go through hundreds of articles covering every facet of a man's life such as style, grooming, health, cooking, productivity, dating, investing, and more... then I pick the top ones and package them into a nice, organized email for you and send it to your inbox. Best of all, it's 100% free. With all of that said, I would love to get some feedback and answer any questions you may have!
I support anything that reaches out to men and offers information on an issue of men's health.
I am looking forward to the next issue of ROOFTOP. Sue C.
I'm totally the wrong audience for this, but totally loving the concept! You've got me inspired to think how I could do this in some niches I work in!
Love the idea and niche. This can be big with referrals.
@danirogerc That's what I'm hoping!