Roofing Marketplace with Instant Satellite Roofing Estimates

Roofr is a roofing marketplace that uses satellite imagery to give you instant roofing estimates.

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13 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Everyone! My name is Richard- I've been a roofer my entire life! Noticed a ton of problems in the industry, launched Roofr to solve them :)
Great product in a market I would have never thought of!
@lyal there is so much opportunity in the hard labor fields
Hello everyone, I'm Zach - one of the co-founders that helped build Roofr. Any questions?
Great idea I have ran several roofing companies in the past this would had been real handy. Great Job. When did you launch?
@michael_aaron_grier We launched about a year ago in Toronto.
Great example of using available tech to make existing industries much better. Tip: Integrate Tesla's Solar Tiles, too! :)
@joshuapinter working on it! :)
@joshuapinter We have to get the stars to align just right. We're working on it for sure!