Rome Fortune

Chat one-on-one w/ the hottest beard in hip hop

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Super excited for my boy Rome Fortune to launch his app today! Rome is an Atlanta-based rapper I've been supporting for a few years who is really starting to get some traction. He hooked up with my guy @sammybauch to build this app that lets Rome's fans chat 1-on-1 with the man himself. You can also stream Rome's music, there's a store to shop his merch, and some other fun little surprises. ;)
@garyvee nice! this is like King for a Day, but with one dude :) haha. Like this idea of making an artist more approachable, how cool if he blows up and you "know" him from back in the day! ;)
@bramk @garyvee also similar to the bespoke app, Ethan, an app for texting Ethan. cc @gliechtenstein
@rrhoover @garyvee yup, Ethan was inspirational here. but he's gone in a bit of a different direction. The main difference for me is that this is a tool for a musician to deepen his relationship with fans, rather than just a random person to text.
As @rrhoover alluded to above, the app is definitely influenced by Ethan and the model of "message one person" that he created, so a big debt is owed there. I'd also like to add that the app was built with a lot of components / SDKs found on PH. Modest, JSQMessageViewController, Kickflip, Crashlytics, etc.
@garyvee Gary - Looks like you've been a member of ProductHunt for a while, but this is your first hunt. What does it take for Gary Vaynerchuk to personally want to promote someone's product? #AskGaryVee
Had a chance to check out this app, big fan of Rome and his music. There are some amazing features here that bring an artist closer to his fans no matter where they are.
@garyvee Are you guys also planning - if this works put for Rome - deploying this for other musicians, artists, etc? Just wondering what are your thoughts, or you guys just let it flow now.. Love the fact you helping out a good friend Gary!