MDMA (Molly/Ecstasy) harm reduction and education

By no means is this hunt an endorsement of doing anything illegal, etc, but the reality is that millions of Americans use Molly/Ecstasy (MDMA) each year. RollSafe is intended to help those folks become more educated and be safer — ultimately reducing harm done to themselves and others. For those that aren't using MDMA but want to learn about it, this resource provides scientifically sourced education — in place of the often misleading and misinformed propaganda that proliferates on the internet. Be safe and good to yourselves out there, kids.
All for education but this: tacky and unnecessary. In case the image isn't working, it's a shot of 'if you're going to do me ;)' The site would benefit from layout/type improvements, too. It's a little all over the place and hard to read.
@joeyfigaro Agreed the execution is not great, design and content are all over the place, there's a bunch of typos ("if pure and taken in a positive envrionment"), and that this wink is a bit strange... but I personally like the more laid-back approach. It reminds me of 'Talk to Frank' in the sense that it's not trying to scare, lecture, or reprimand people, but instead give them everything they need to make informed decisions. Also the second part of that bit you cut says " me, safely" - which is the important part. :)
@anthilemoon agreed on the tone, and the 'do me safely' bit! Thanks for jumping in.