Rollr Mini

OBD-II based connected car gadget

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Hello Hunters! Happy to announce Rollr Mini - the Connected Car Gadget to the community. Rollr Mini is currently shipping within India only. Use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT at the checkout for an exclusive offer -
@amitupadhyay Will this be avaliable in the USA in the future?
Hi @thomas_tomhawk_burningham ... No plans as of now to launch in USA. We are first focusing on India.
There is an increasing number of devices to that plug into the OBD-II port in cars, yet there is only one OBD-II port. This will ultimately become an issue that forces competition between devices that have no overlapping functionality.
@jeffnolan I think the OBD-II port device features are more or less converging under the larger umbrella of connected car experience i.e. having the modem embedded in the device itself. OBD devices without the connectivity are eventually moving towards having the modem. So its more of having an all-encompassing features set rather than competing features.
@amitupadhyay that is a good point but one that does not resolve the retrofit opportunity. 17 million cars sold last year (could be off, just spitballing the number) and vast majority are not connected and will have a replacement cycle of 2021 and beyond. The feature set is pretty fixed, as you highlight, which begs the question of what is you market opportunity if you are not also providing a service like insurance, roadside assistance, family tracking, etc.
@amitupadhyay btw, I realize you are focused on India with different market dynamics. My comments could be completely off base as a result.
@jeffnolan totally agree with you - we are also on the page that connected car experience is not just centered around the basic/obvious features such as tracking, diagnostics but also value added services such as Insurance, RSA, Dealership connect etc. We will also be bundling these features in our product in the near future.