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Continuous Feature Rollouts for Mobile.

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Dimo Trifonov
Founder of @feeld
Slightly disrespectful from me not to drop a sentence. saved us many times, especially in the early days when we outsourced our dev in eastern EU and the team there pushed code blindly to the App Store. We haven't tried ROX yet but it sounds amazing. I truly hope that Apple will embrace Rollout's efforts to improve the development process. Keep rocking guys!
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Erez Rusovsky
@denull thanks for hunting us!, and thanks for the kind words, it’s always great to hear how Rollout helped devs. With ROX we are doing that again, ROX was built specifically for mobile development teams, it lets your mobile dev team build and deploy apps at the speed your business needs, without compromising on safety. Decouple feature deployment from version releases. Gradually release new features, measure impact and respond in real-time. All without waiting for your next release.
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Robert SpivackRS Development Group, LLC
My initial impression is awesome! We all know that Facebook and other huge app devs include sophisticated a/b variations and demographic/phased rollout of new features inside their apps. (One of the reasons their release notes are cryptic and just say "adding new features", because they selectively control who actually sees and and can use them.) Unless I am mis-reading this (and full disclosure, I have not used ROX yet), this gives every developer access to this kind of sophisticated feature rollout/selective enable/disable that would normally require a team of developers to implement entirely themselves and with much effort as both the client (app) and server-based development is needed for this kind of control.
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Ofer MoragFounder & CEO, mishu.
I trust and love the Rollout team. Haven't yet got to try ROX but it looks great guys. I'm sure it will be as awesome as your prevoius product was. Good luck!
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