Rollout for iOS

Meetup for runners, cyclists, and athletes

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I'm a huge fan of Strava, but I've often wished there was a better way to connect with runners in my neighborhood and go for group runs. I've seen a few apps attempt this "meet for sports" idea, but Rollout has the best design and execution that I've seen to date.
@brandonelwood what are the other apps that you used as a meetup for runners?
@vitarilassata there wasn't really a great one for runners that I'd found. There were generic ones more geared toward team sports like Meet&Compete and Smacktive that I tried. I also just used Meetup, but it's better for regular scheduled activities vs the more spur of the moment "wonder who's going running tomorrow morning" potential of Rollout.
Happy to be hunted! We built this to provide a simple and easy approach to connect with others for group rides and runs. We wanted to create an awesome tool to use in your own area as well as while traveling and looking to get out with locals. Looking forward to getting feedback from the community.