Fix or prevent critical bugs while your app is live.

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We're very excited to see that @kwdinc submitted our product to producthunt, I'm one of the co-founder, if you have any question i'll be here to answer, @dangoldin @derpianist16 thanks ! , @dangoldin we do not violate any of the app store policies, basically we are using objectivC runtime capabilities (in the future Swift) + source code analysis to let developers fix issues remotely. You can see a demo we had not loaded to the website yet here:
@erezroso Looks nice and good luck!
Rollout allows developers to quickly react to their users by remote-controlling their app's settings and parameters, as well as fix and contain errors and issues in real time,without waiting for a full release cycle. Stop waiting for AppStore approvals just to fix bugs. Search your app's live code and fix, contain or switch off functions whenever you want.
This is a cool idea. Does it violate app store policies? I suspect they might not want developers changing code on an already deployed app.
This is a really cool idea, and I'd definitely want to use it instead of the "expedited" app review option. Here is the emoji translation for your tagline: πŸ”¨ and ❎ critical 🐞 while your πŸ“± is live.