Know where your money goes. Spending tracker for iPhone.

The fast & simple way to know where your money goes.
πŸ”Œ Connect with your bank(s)
πŸ’‘ See all your spending at a glance
βš–οΈ Check account & card balances
There's more too; monthly statements, daily averages, Face ID login, and it's all encrypted end-to-end.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
πŸ‘‹ Hey there PH, Excited to share Rollie for the first time with you all today. Here's some backstory: Bank apps suck, and your spending is always buried under password logins, menus, and displayed like a hot mess. Rollie is a simple app that makes all that information easy to access, scannable, and hassle-free. Try out the free trial and see how you like it. ps. If you have any questions, I'm all ears!
@jonahgrindler plaid auth and monthly account fees aren't cheap β€” can i pay you more?
Love the design and illustrations, @jonahgrindler. It's friendly, the antithesis of most banking websites.
Slick website πŸ˜›
This is a very nice looking product. Some features that might be nice in the future: categories, renaming bank provided entries, grouping entries to view trends and how much I spent where. Very excited to get using it. Thanks!
@michaelraiwet totally agree! I’d love to be able to hide a recurring payment not just as it comes in (rent!) Looking forward to using this consistently.
Not to Brazil?? :( :( :(
@douglasevaristo My guess is because Plaid only supports the US and Canada currently.
@douglasevaristo Like @tomfme mentioned, we only support institutions in US and Canada at the moment. Hopefully coming to Brazil and more regions in the future!