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This is kind of like a basic, in-browser version of Houseparty - Reliable audio-only calls between multiple participants. - Audio files can be dragged into the call window and played into the call. (This is super fun, you can see it work in the gif above, why have I never seen this before?) - Call recording is built-in, with podcast quality recording of every participants local audio sent continuously to the recorder. - Relies on almost no infrastructure, the application is quite literally hosted in gh-pages on GitHub.
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@bentossell the fact that this is so simple is what makes it so awesome
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Love the simplicity of this: ✔️ Browser-based ✔️ No signup required ✔️ Super lightweight
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Simple idea but looks to be perfectly made - I'm about to start a podcast soon and the audio quality from this is easily 10x what I was planning to use to record calls.
@russellbarnard yeh on the GitHub page it mentions it being good enough for podcasts!
@bentossell I did a quick test and it did sound smooth 😀 looking forward to trying it out for longer calls!
Now THERE's a value prop I'm interested in! @russellbarnard @bentossell
Just tried to make a call @bentossell -- works great. This is awesome 😎
Woah. Very similar to https://zencastr.com/ but this seems much easier to use and similar quality.