Rolespark 2.0

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Rolespark is where you can get some quick feedback on your resume.
If you're having trouble getting an interview, get some feedback! Could be a small typo or grammatical error holding you back.
And we have lots of free checklists and resources! πŸ”₯
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This looks promising and useful!
Just tried it out myself. I'm diggin' the model of reviewing 5 to unlock your own reviews. Always down to provide resume feedback and you can (hopefully) find some inspiration in seeing others. My immediate feedback is that the resumes are showing up pixelated and it would be a better experience to not hide the resume behind the feedback modal as you're typing. Good luck!
@digitalunknown Thanks for your feedback. Been testing a different way to leave feedback that makes it more useful and it would no way with the modal
Rolespark started to give everyone an easy way to get some πŸ‘€ on their resume. Professional resume reviews are expensive - reviews from Rolespark are free. We've also added checklists, ebooks, and videos that can help you improve. If you're having trouble getting an interview, check out the resources!
@awt Cool tool! How long is the turn around time of the suggestions?
@alex_papageorge1 thanks! Depends on volume but usually 1-3 days
@awt Awesome. That's super quick results. I'm working on something that actually might be a good compliment down the road. Stay in touch. I'll connect with you now.
@alex_papageorge1 thanks for the note!
It would also be great to know what other tools/resources you think would help you!
Clever idea but your results can dramatically vary, a few of my reviews were incorrect with poor enlightenment and incorrect technique.
For example, one of my comments received: "Experience, honors, and awards should be moved to top before education section." This is absolutely incorrect.
@adamelisha1 Hey thanks a lot for your feedback. I know you're exactly right and we've been testing a better way to leave feedback that makes it more consistent unless subjective. So hopefully you'll see that soon.