Wondering what designs or features will keep your Roku TV app viewers hooked? Use our OTT experimentation tool to run A/B tests, roll out (or rollback) new features with the flip of a switch, and quickly see if your changes are having the impact you want.

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Aaron Glazer
Aaron GlazerMakerHiring@aaronglazer · Co-Founder & CEO @ Taplytics
About two years ago, we realized that there weren’t a lot of A/B testing solutions for developers working on smart TV apps. So, we launched a fully-supported testing suite for Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV apps.. This year, we want to expand our offering by bringing Roku TV app testing capabilities to join our Apple TV and Android TV experimentation family. Our A/B testing tool helps Roku developers: -Quickly test visual changes to copy, colors, buttons, etc. -Experiment with new onboarding flows or the subscription sign-up process -Easily active or hide new features -Target experiments base on a variety of users attributes or behaviors I’m curious to know: What are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to developing engaging smart TV apps? Do you think the features we offer can help with those challenges? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Learn more: https://taplytics.com/tv-app-tes...
Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hastings@andrew_hastings
So exciting! You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from Roku developers everywhere. As one of the dominant platforms in the OTT space, I can’t wait to see what Roku developers come up with now that they have such a robust experimentation toolset to play with. 👏
Jillian S. Wood
Jillian S. Wood@jill_s_wood · B2B Tech Nerd
I think people will love the feature flags and targeting capabilities. It's a risk-free way to test the waters before making big changes that may impact all of your viewers.