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Smart TV that puts your entertainment favorites in one place

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This is interesting! I have a Roku Player but haven't been using it because I was only using it for Netflix, but I now access Netflix from a laptop that I have connected to my television. From a press release today: "Earlier this year, we announced Roku TVTM – a TV designed to deliver on our promise of a simple and powerful entertainment experience. We‘ve partnered with two of the world’s top TV manufacturers, TCL and Hisense, to build the full Roku experience directly into a smart TV. And starting today, you can enjoy one of your very own. TCL Roku TVs and Hisense Roku TVs are now available at major retailers nationwide. We worked hard to simplify the smart TV experience. Roku TV offers access to broadcast TV, streaming channels, your gaming console, and other devices all from the same Home screen without flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus. Just like on your Roku player, you can choose from 1,500+ streaming channels and 200,000+ movies and TV episodes, the best selection of on-demand music, sports, news, free programming, and more. You can search across top streaming channels for movies and shows, and control the Roku TV with the remote or with your smartphone or tablet. Each Roku TV offers exceptional value and comes in sizes from 32 to 55 inches, and comes packed with all the entertainment options and streaming channels that have made our players America’s favorite. TCL Roku TV is currently available at, Sam’s Club, and Hisense Roku TV is currently available at Best Buy."
Just too bad RokuTV OS is paired with poor hardware.
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