Roku Crypto Charts

Charts for Bitcoin, plus other cryptos on your Roku

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Roku Crypto Charts is the first ever crypto app for Roku. Real-time charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano plus hundreds of other crypto currencies on your Roku. Monitor up to 6 charts and view price data in all time-frames. View candlestick or line charts in full screen on your TV. Be on top of every price change before you invest!



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Andre S
Andre SMaker@andre_sa
Hi guys, I made this crypto charts app for the Roku and would love your feedback. It wasn't easy making it but it was fun making it for Roku. It's a fully custom app written in Brightscript and I'm using Node.js in the back-end. I've priced it at $10/month to test the market. Enjoy!
R Sokolov
R Sokolov@rosty_sokolov · Developer
@andre_sa Any way to test for free?