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Hi everyone! We love watching fascinating online videos, but I personally often find myself spending too much time on the discovery element. So I built to streamline all the best online videos in one place, backed by a community of video lovers. It's a place for anyone who wants to learn, laugh, become inspired, gain perspective, have their mind blown, or discover something new. Please let us know what you think, how to improve, etc. We hope you like it!
@ethangromet Hey Ethan! Curious how you see yourselves as different from other discovery oriented sites like Devour, Digg Video, Reddit video/TV and others.
@ckurdziel Hey Chris! Most video discovery sites have a curated team that do all the posting, Roket is community focused where anyone can submit a video. Now of course you can do that on Reddit as well, but I think the UI/UX is better on Roket because it's so simple and easy to get to the next video and filter by category. Reddit video has no categories and it just links out to YouTube whereas on Roket everything stays on the page. At least for me, the list view is much more effective for skimming through great videos. Also, a lot of the time these video discovery sites have this collage layout that can be really overwhelming. So I decided to build this to make it a better experience. Would love some more feedback!
Looks cool! What stack did you use to build this? From inspecting around I'm guessing you used Angular? Did you or are you planning to use React with it? I'm starting to build a product hunt style site too so I was just wondering.
@rjun07a Thanks Arjun! We are using a Django backend with Django REST Framework to serve our API. AngularJS front-end, no plans to use React
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