Roger 2.0 & TalkHeads

A walkie talkie button over any app

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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Blixt – Co-founder and CTO of Roger, a simple walkie-talkie app for groups of friends, families, and teams. The Roger team is proud of our Roger 2.0 release today which tries to do things a bit differently. The main feature we’re introducing is TalkHeads, a way to talk to and listen to your close ones from anywhere in your phone. On Android, this is a floating avatar that’s pinned to your screen, above any other app you may be using. Tap once to listen and double-tap to talk. On iOS, it takes the form of a widget in the Notification Center. The widget allows you to talk or listen from anywhere on your iPhone, even from the lock screen(!), without having to open the Roger app. TalkHeads is something we’ve never seen before and we’re super excited about the possibilities it opens up! I have personally been having a lot of fun playing chess while talking with my opponent through TalkHeads, though I’ve also heard it referred to as the killer app for playing Pokemon Go. :) Try it out and let us know what you think!
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@blixt Oooo interesting!! What has happened since the initial release that motivated you and the team to build something like this?
@bentossell The main thing that happened is that we got Roger to a place where it's easy and fun to use, in-app. We focused on groups, made the UI more straightforward. The great thing about voice is that it doesn't require the attention of your hands and eyes, so we wanted to bring the experience of talking to your close ones everywhere. Now it doesn't matter if you're following Maps, checking an email, or your phone is locked – you can still talk. Another thing in this release that I didn't mention is LivePlay which, when enabled, will play out a conversation as people talk so you can listen to your family chat while cooking, or your team while you're out running. Basically we want the voices of the people in your life to be wherever you are whenever you want it, and we've got a lot more ideas that still need to be done. :)
Oh and check out this more cinematic video we made to showcase TalkHeads! 🎥
Hi everyone! I'm Pedro and I'm the lead Android developer at Roger. Ask me anything regarding how we made this happen, how it works or anything related to its possibilities. Let me know what you think about it as well!
Hey there Roger team. Just wanted to say that I think you have a very good product that makes asynchronous voice conversations super easy. I love using it when my friends are abroad or when I want to talk but can't call them. Continue with the great updates! Wish talk heads were a possibility on iOS though… :(
@ricardovice Yeah I know haha but it's not the same in terms of sleekness etc… :p Nice workaround though.
@buzzb0x well, just wait for iOS 10 :)
Hey Product Hunt! Shreyas here, iOS Lead at Roger. Ask me any questions about Roger, TalkHeads, technical challenges, design, or just the communication space in general. Feedback welcome!