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BETA TESTERS: thank you for all your feedback thus far! If you'd like to be added to TestFlight or Android beta join the team here -- Hey Product Hunters, we’re super excited to be here today. Thank you Jeremy! Roger is a product that @blixt and I originally hacked on a weekend back when we were still working at Spotify NYC. The idea came when I ran into a pole while texting a friend in Sweden. At that moment it felt like there should be a better way than texting and phone calls to stay in touch with the people I don’t see everyday, especially those who live in different timezones. So we made a simple walkie-talkie style app, shared it with a few friends, and quickly realized how much nicer it was to actually talk to and hear our favorite people. Today, we’re a team of 4 engineers and designers with the goal of helping people talk more often. We’ve re-imagined the voice communication experience to be simpler, faster, and more personal. We use Roger everyday with our friends and family all over the world, and we invite you to give it a try! - The Roger Team
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@ricardovice Hey! How does this compare to Tribe that was posted to Product Hunt last week
@bentossell @ricardovice Tribe is quite a cool product which I think comes from a similar place and hence shares some ideas. That said, we wanted Roger to stick to voice as what we really wanted was to create ongoing spontaneous conversations, as opposed to pictures/videos which we feel are often curated and require preparation.
@ricardovice Nice... so what is the major use-case here? Essentially sending audio-notes rather than calling/texting? People to voice thoughts?
@bentossell @ricardovice I use it primarily to have ongoing conversations with friends 5+ timezones away. I'm originally from Portugal, and have lived in Spain, Finland, Sweden and the US. As such, I don't get many opportunities to talk much with my close friends, not to mention my mom... Roger has been magical in the sense that I started having this moments where I felt like I was conversations with someone standing next to me throughout the day. Like the next best thing to teleportation :)
@ricardovice I just tried it now...the app's UI/UX feels great! Congrats on this launch.
Very clean design. Well done, @ricardovice and team. There seem to be a more voice-based apps surfacing lately. Unmute and another unreleased app come to mind. Why is that? P.S. Chat with me at
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@rrhoover Thanks for checking out Roger, Ryan! I'm glad you like it. :)
@rrhoover I think voice communication is hard to crack. Phone calls are dying, but then messaging lacks nuance, so it's not surprising to see several teams of smart people reimagine the experience. It's no easy task though. As for ourselves, our goal has been to helps people talk more often, starting to ourselves, and that's what the product is about. Creating an experience that leads to spontaneous casual conversation with the people you already want to talk with, but otherwise have a hard time doing so.
I've been a user for a few months and Roger has completely changed how I communicate with my friends and family. It brings the best of texts and calls together: the simplicity and async nature of texts and the warmth and depth of calls. Highly recommended! Ping me at
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@cfaydi Thanks for all feedback and great conversations leading up to this launch! :)
@cfaydi merci :)
Congrats on the launch and good luck! I'm in case you want to chat.
@jeremylv Thanks for hunting us Today! And for incredible feedback along the way.
Hey guys, I'm the iOS developer @ Roger. Super excited about the launch, I'm here to answer any questions/chat about communication in general!