Rofocus Chrome Extension

Increase your focus and productivity with ambient sounds

The most productive version of yourself. Rofocus recreates ambient background sounds designed to help you improve focus and creativity. The tool comes with a beautifully designed Pomodoro focus timer to help you stay on track and be more productive. It's free!
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Hi PH! So excited to share this with you all today - I'm hoping this tool might be useful to some. 💭 Background I'm really big into ambient sounds when working (e.g. listening to sounds of cafés / rain / etc) and I find that they help me focus significantly better than just listening to music, which can often be distracting. In addition there is a significant amount of scientific research that suggests ambient noise can not only increase creativity and productivity, but also help relaxation and focus (read more here and here). I typically use a number of different sites (e.g. coffitivity) or find a youtube playlist, plus a Pomodoro app to time my sessions. I thought this experience could be improved upon and I also really wanted to learn how to make a Chrome extension. So, I made this! I've called it Rofocus. A few features I wanted to call out were: 🎧 Ambient sounds: It has a bunch of ambient background sounds you can play (~15-20 environments), ranging from a ☕café to a 🌲forest to 🌬️winds and 🏖️beaches. They help block out distractions and you can pick a sound that works well with you. Here are some of the sounds you can choose: Pomodoro timer: I've included a simple Pomodoro timer too! You can set the timer to whatever you like - it's a simple timer and I'm hoping to link it better with the ambient sounds down the road plus add more features that more advanced Pomodoro timers have. Plus, it's totally free! This was meant to be a small project to get a bit of a break from my core product (Resume Worded), scratch a personal itch and design/code something new. This is an early version and I'm hoping I can keep improving it based on your feedback! f you do try it out, I'd super appreciate any thoughts! I'd love to keep improving on this and turning this into something bigger. Thank you!
nice, going to try it!
great stuff - needed it
@daniel_weinstein Glad it helps, Daniel!
Would be perfect if you add a break time in the pomodoro. (example, 25 minute focused period followed by 5 minutes of break)
This is great! I tried it out today for work and found it helpful. One thing I'd like to see in future versions is a less obvious break before the track repeats. This is more evident in some sounds (Coffee Shop) than others.
@kate_m97587 Thanks, Kate! I'm going through the tracks once more and will get them fixed