Rockwell Model T

Customized shaving for $5 per year

Hey ProductHunters - Gareth here, I'm one of the founders at Rockwell! Whether they come from the drug store or a startup shave club, today's razors pretend everyone’s face and facial hair is the same. This results in millions of men suffering from daily shaving irritation and overpaying for razor marketing gimmicks or subscriptions they don’t need. We made the Rockwell Model T to solve this problem - it's an intuitive, easy to use razor, with an adjustable dial that allows everyone to easily get a close and comfortable shave customized to their skin and facial hair. The Model T does this all while costing just 10 cents a blade (or about $5 per year). That's it for my "pitch"! If you guys have any questions, I'd love to answer them!
Gday Gareth, it's great seeing new players getting into this space. How would you compare this with the Merkur Futur? One issue I have with the Futur is the size of the razor's head, making it difficult to shave under the nose or small places. How does the T compare?
@johahnleung Here's a shave review of the Model T prototype that might answer some questions! The range of adjustability is wider than the Futur, but the head is shaped to get under the nose a lot easier
@gareverard @johahnleung great product. im one of the backers of the original rockwell. should have waited for the T model to come out. didnt know about this till it was too late lol
@chitgoks thanks for the update, I am definitely going to try it.