Subscription Jewelry Service

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2014
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RocksBox has some serious legs in my friends/family circles. My GF loves it, gifted it to every female on both sides for Xmas, and all look like they're sticking with it. One of the more impressive retail subscription models I've seen based on empirical evidence.
I got to see them get their start two years ago when they pitched at an event I was working -- they definitely seem to be going strong and paying a lot of attention to their product! Also, they're applying the model to something users *do* want to receive and cycle through on a a regular basis :)
RocksBox is a great service and provides quality jewelry at an affordable price. The team is also brilliant.
In a similar space, last week @dtome shared Eleven James (, "Annual Subscription Service for Luxury Watches" -