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Michael, co-host or Rocketship.fm here 2 years ago we started Rocketship to learn from people who inspired us. We nervously wrote emails to get our first 10 guests. Most just ignored us (I can't blame them), a couple luckily said yes (Thanks Ryan!). We didn't think it would last more than a couple months, honestly. There was no 'Serial'. No 'Startup' at the time to look up to. But here we are two years and over 250 interviews later, we've decided to completely revamp the show (and the site!) to focus on more editorial style content. Deeper dives into focused content so you can learn more, faster, and hopefully be a little entertained along the way. Less interviews, more editing and hopefully better listening. Whether you've listened before, or are just finding us I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new format. Happy hunting.