Lookup email & phone info for 250+ million professionals.

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still feels invasive even if the information is out there somewhere on social profiles
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@bentossell Believe it or not. This is a huge concern to us too. We restrict the data to professionals. Our intention is to have this data, be used to generate new business, acquire new customers, find investor or partnerships. But we know that there is potential, it could be used for sleazy purposes. Always open to hearing your thoughts on ways of mitigating non-business use.
I don't know if I feel comfortable with this product. I see my name, description, my number and my email and I get a this odd nausea feeling because I didn't put it there...
@tayler2412 We understand! And, we're aware of the risk that this data can be misused. But as other have pointed out, if our algorithms found your information, then with some effort, most humans can do so too. We've toyed with the idea of using proxy email addresses instead of real ones, thereby allowing recipients to have control over it.
@udakamit @tayler2412 would be very interesting if you showed where the information is pulled from. then as a side effect you might be able to help people who look themselves up remove the information if they don't want it shown?
@manavo @tayler2412 Agreed. Like an "erase yourself from the internet" product. Not sure it would ever make any money though.
It's 2016! It's not that hard to find people's information. Nor should anyone really care either... unless you're a celebrity (where measures are already in place) people probably aren't looking up your cell number or home address.
is there any to request to be removed from it?
@_jacksmith Its on our backlog. We've thought about opt outs (including an opt out API)
@udakamit Can I please opt-out? My business email is front page on google for my name and it's going to blast me with spam.
@udakamit @_jacksmith Well? Can we opt-out yet or nah?
I wonder how many of you panic attack having folks have/had a phone book listing with your name, address, spouse's name if applicable, and phone number in it. If it's public data, it is public.