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Rocketplan is an OKR management software that helps you set, track, analyse and collaborate on goals all in one place.

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Vladislav Bakin
Vladislav BakinMaker@bakin · Founder at Rocketplan
Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Vladislav, Founder and CEO at Rocketplan. Recently we've launched in open beta at When I myself started using OKR 3 years ago I faced lots of problems. Despite all OKR benefits, starting a new goal setting framework in a company was hard. Most of existing software is horrible - the simplest thing, like creating a goal, turns into a nightmare. Not even talking about teaching your employees to use the tools. That's why we've decided to create Rocketplan – an easy to use OKR software, that helps you at every step: from setting a new goal to analyzing the results. How can it help you and your organization? 👉 Easy OKR start: How should a good goal look like? Can I set OKRs for non-product teams? Our interactive hints and goal health checks help you with this. 👉 Clear user interface: No tutorial needed! You can start setting goals and tracking progress right away. 👉 Align goals: Achieve strategic alignment across organization by aligning smaller goals to more global ones. 👉 Communicate: Use #tags, @mentions and goal comments to collaborate on goals. We'd love to get feedback from you and are happy to answer your questions. Sign up at Let's go! Vladislav