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Video creation + Trello-like collaboration for content teams

#2 Product of the DayMay 28, 2018
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Rocketium Workspace is a video creation and collaboration product for content teams. Organise videos into Kanban-style lists, assign them to team members, create compelling videos without any design experience, and review with comments (and emoji πŸ‘) within a single product.

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    Easy to use platform. Intuitive. Amazing UI


    None so far

    Creating videos is a breeze on Rocektium, especially for a newbie like me. It's intuitive and has directions to guide me through the video creation process. Rocketium has a great support team that is easy to be reached and very helpful.

    Miriam Francis has used this product for one month.
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    Very easy to use and increases productivity while working in team with awesome list of features.



    Go for it! :D

    Vini Dixit has used this product for one week.
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Satej Sirur
Satej SirurMaker@satej_sirur1
Thanks so much for hunting us, @kwdinc! 🀘 Back in 2016, we got a lot of PH ❀ for our first product - Studio, an easy video creator. Today, thousands of business and individual users use Studio to create videos in minutes. Studio simplified video creation but it has a big gap - collaboration. πŸ‘« When teams work together on a video, there are multiple people and steps involved - research, assign work, storyboard, write content, add media, style, review, publish, analyse. Our customers found themselves using a hodgepodge of tools - spreadsheets, Trello, Word, Studio, Slack, email, WhatsApp. We built Workspace to combine video creation and collaboration into a single product. πŸ“½πŸ“Š Workspace takes inspiration from Kanban boards that Trello popularised. You can organise team members into workspaces that have lists (for example, "Ideas", "In Progress", "For Review", ...) of videos. Videos can be assigned to members and moved between lists according to your content workflow. Creating a video is like writing an article or creating a PPT:- 1. pick a template (story, listicle, meme) or start from scratch 2. create scenes with captions or voice-overs 3. add or search for images / clips 4. preview and style with built-in themes or customise fonts, colors, animation, timing, .... There is tons more in Workspace for content teams - Buzzsumo-like content research, Slack and email notifications, RSS import, auto-resize to square and portrait. We cannot wait for you to try out Workspace and see how your content teams can use it! πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra Β· Making B2B sales easy via
@kwdinc @satej_sirur1 Looks interesting. Would definitely try this out :) Few thoughts if you do B2B:- Target companies that are actively hiring for content marketing managers since these are the ones who are spending money on this function and are more likely to buy a software to aid their process. Similarly you could also focus on startups that have recently raised funds since these are the companies that will be doing lot of content marketing and will be willing to spend money on such tools.
Satej Sirur
Satej SirurMaker@satej_sirur1
@shreyaa_ratra: great tips! πŸ™ Thanks for trying out Workspace.
riteshchopra@riteshchopra Β· Product Manager, SAP SuccessFactors
@satej_sirur1 Congrats on the launch Satej
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover Β· Founder, Product Hunt
This might be useful for my brother who works at a video production startup. Forwarding to him now.
Satej Sirur
Satej SirurMaker@satej_sirur1
@rrhoover: thanks! πŸ™ Scaling video production usually means more designers and more hours. We enable teams of designers and non-designers to collaborate better and create videos faster. The bigger play is still to be the AWS of video with our APIs and SDKs. πŸ“ˆ
Shobhit Jain
Shobhit Jain@shobhitiitk
Rocketium is a brilliant service provider. Their tools are precisely catering the need of netizens.
Nash Whaley
Nash Whaley@nashwhaley Β· WorkonFlow
This looks interesting, but it seems like something that would be better as an integration for a project management system that already exists. For example, if the video is connected to a larger project, it's not possible to create a subtask linking it to Trello or Asana etc.
Satej Sirur
Satej SirurMaker@satej_sirur1
@nashwhaley we have a Slack integration so you can get messages when something important happens. Deep Trello and Asana integration like you suggested make sense as well. Our goal is not to build project or task management product. However, a modern CMS needs lightweight task management and we have built that. I will remember you and this promise if we go down the path of sub-tasks and checklists. πŸ˜‚
Rahul Nanwani
Rahul NanwaniHiring@rnanwani Β· Co-Founder,
I used Rocketium in it's early days to create an explainer video for our product on Product Hunt. Have used it always since. Look forward to trying out this upgrade.