Marketplace to buy reports of cloud services you use.

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Hi Everyone! Rocketgraph is a marketplace where developers can sell reports and analytics that pull data from the thousands of API's available out there. By making it easy for developers to sell via our marketplace, we increase variety and selection. Barrier to entry is radically decreased since Rocketgraph provides all the necessary features and tools, allowing anyone to develop and sell their work. We built Rocketgraph to address the increasingly fragmented cloud reporting and analytics industry meaning that its difficult to find the report you need and many times it just does not exist. Many of the reports you see now (many more to come soon) were built to showcase what can be done with our platform. We are huge proponents of marketplace ecosystems - we truly believe great work comes out of communities.
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Buy and sell analytics & reports for the cloud services you use in one place. Not sure why someone would make their reports publicly available. Would you use Rocketgraph ?
@kwdinc First thanks for the hunt and to answer your question. All of the reports you use in Rocketgraph are private by default since its your private data the report is using. Of course you can share publicly if you want to (e.g. fitbit stats).
Interesting concept for transparent organizations. Their landing page also suggests people "bragging" about their social media. While running a consultancy, this would be an interesting concept for startups to show each other or investors.
@toobulkeh that's interesting you thought of that! Yes you can certainly share your reports publicly as to "brag". The investors idea is interesting as we are working on a feature to schedule reports to multiple emails so they can get a weekly update of a site's google analytics stats, fb, twitter etc. Thanks!
I'm intrigued by Rocketgraph - the Soundcloud visualiser is particularly fun! Beautiful animation and interaction on your homepage too, nice one. I'll keep an eye out for you guys.