A paper notebook designed for the cloud. And the microwave!?

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Hi Folks, I'm the founder of Rocketbook. Thanks for your interest. Ask me anything!
@lemayjoe This is insanely cool! I backed the campaign and can't wait to get mine.
@bhalp1 you Rock Ben. Thanks for getting behind the product!
Hi Joe, that's pretty cool. Have you reached out to the companies you mention, where the files are uploaded? Have you talked to Phil Libin at Evernote? It seems like they would be a great partner for you.
So cool. I definitely just got the early bird
We hit our $20k funding goal today (day 2). Many thanks to the ProductHunt Community...!
Wow. Why has no one thought of this microwave trick before. Really cool!
@clarkvalberg Thanks for your encouraging words. Designers need a paper-notebook-to-InvisionApp integration!