Share your whiteboard via your mobile phone (pre-launch)

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Hi folks, I'm one of the Founders of Rocketboard. So psyched you're into it. Here's a little insight into where we are and what to expect from the Beta product. Rocketboard works very well under most common conditions. For transparency, here are our main deficiencies today... Glare/Reflection. If you have intense glare from a window or overhead light, that space might just "white-out" and what you draw there won't show up on the other side. Minimal features and design. We have intentionally kept everything minimal, and we're 100% focused on improving the core Computer Vision and streaming technology. We get better and better every week. During this Beta, we capture a few pictures of your whiteboard during your session. We analyze these images by eye and by running tests on them, and we use that info to iterate on our algorithms. But basic features that you might expect, like a password protected session, and some of the features in the video, like saving images, not available yet. No Android yet, only works on recent iOS devices, only using the rear-facing HD Camera. So on iPhones, this means no iPhone 4, but it works on the 4s and above. It is also kind of annoying that we can't use the front-facing camera, because it would make for a more natural user experience. By using the rear-facing camera, it means that you can't see the touchscreen while you're whiteboarding, so I usually open up my laptop to the session and face it toward me so I have the visual feedback I want. And it makes it a bit awkward to physically set up the device, because the typical stand doesn't work. I provide users with a low-budget on-boarding video that gives you tips on how to set up the device, and also a pointer to my favorite stand to use: I could go on and on. What questions do you have? Anyone can also reach me at
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My only reaction to this was "holy shit" ...this is simply amazing. I hope it works well!
...take my money...
If this works as promised its going to be a game changer for us since most of our clients are remote.
awesome - add me to the beta. worried about glare but let's give it a go
@jefielding thanks for bringing it up. For clarification, we have techniques and IP to deal with most glare. You just won't see it in the product today, until we optimize more foundational layers of the the Computer Vision algos.