Rocket Validator

Validate A11Y+HTML on thousands of pages with a single click

Rocket Validator is a web scraper to validate HTML and Accessibility on large sites with a single click. Up to 5,000 web pages per report, including schedules and continuous validation via webhooks.

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We've added a free demo to Rocket Validator, it lets you check the first 10 pages from a site without signup required:
We've improved the free demo, now you can see all the HTML issues details of your validated sites. Check it out at
Rocket Validator can now validate accessibility with our integration of the axe-core accessibility engine: Also, HTML + A11Y validations can be scheduled to run automatically every month, week or day:
You can now run HTML + Accessibility automatically on your sites after each server deploy. Also, we're showing history charts to let you track the evolution of your code quality. To make onboarding easier, we've added a 5-day email crash course, you can sign up here:
Rocket Validator users have now validated more than 1,000,000 web pages - and found more than 10 million HTML issues, and more than 800K Accessibility violations! Come check your site with our free trial: