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Discussing ongoing abuse against the Apple community

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Christina WarrenMaker@film_girl · Senior Tech Correspondent, Mashable
There has been a lot of drama in the Apple community regarding a blogger going by the name Samantha Bielefeld and much of the discussion has taken place on Twitter (in tweets now deleted), in Slacks and in private conversations. We thought it was important to talk to two people who were involved in the situation about how it happened and why it's problematic for the community -- a community that already struggles with issues related to gender (unconsciously or not) -- when someone takes on false identities for the purpose of stirring up drama and hurting and abusing others. If you've been confused about the situation and what happened, we hope this episode can act as a final word.
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@film_girl interesting did not know this was going on -- looking forward to listening to the episode in the morning!
Christina WarrenMaker@film_girl · Senior Tech Correspondent, Mashable
@nivo0o0 is it possible for me to change the description? I don't want it imply the apple community as a whole is abusive. I'm on mobile and it's not clear if I can edit
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@film_girl I will update :)
Mike Elgan@mikeelgan · Columnist
Listening now!! Awesome show.