Rocket Dashboard

A powerfull new tab page for Google Chrome

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Would be awesome to integrate this with trello or other tools 😊
@anderiep More features are definitely planned but we're sometimes blocked services that doesn't provide an API, such as Google Keep. Feel free to add your suggestions here for other tools!
Reminds me of Google’s old iGoogle dashboard product.
@bsradcliffe Hey Ben! Guess what: the idea was first influenced by the shutdown of iGoogle service! :)
If you paid someone for the logo, well it's a direct rip off, and you should get your money back. Check out @rocketgraph
@rocketgraph @cnikitiadis Hi constantine, i did the logo (for free and prob more than a year ago, fyi) and i did not rip off that one cause its the first time i see it ... but its indeed the same :((( It's not unusual to have logo's that look the same when their concept are also close, i could cite you a lot of exemples, but thanks for the heads up. I'll do a new one so that no one feels stolen. Take care :)
@vpierrev Hi Pierre, thanks for your reply and thanks for understanding. I was involved in Rocketgraph's rebranding, and that was 2.5 years ago, and we invested a lot of time in order to create something original.
@cnikitiadis Hi man, of course i understand! As i said to Bruno, when we are second to an idea, it's only being a gentleman to make something else :)
@rocketgraph @cnikitiadis Well, as it looks like Rocketgraph stopped their project, so where is the problem?
@marvinpoo Well, I spent time and money for this logo. Also the company still exists and there are copyright issues.
I'm glad to present the renewed Rocket Dashboard today. Rocket Dashboard improve your new tab experience with a lot of features, with Google's Material design. It include a lot of services from Google such as Google Search, Google News, Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar. It also helps you to access useful parts of your personnal Chome datas like the most visited websites, the date and time, the recent tabs, the latest downloads, yours bookmarks and your computer system informations. And finally, it has some more informations from the outside world, with the weather. The extension is highly customizable, change colors, theme, background image, etc. Let me know your thoughts on it !
I really love this idea! Some of the apps don't seem to connect half the time though, might be just me but there's probably some bugs to work out. Asana, Evernote, ToDoist and Social media integrations would be amazing.
@noraconrad Hey Nora! Thanks for your feedback. Can you tell me which are the apps that doesn't connect? I will study the integration of your suggestions, thanks!
@brunosabot Gmail won't connect, maybe because I use G Suites?
@noraconrad I'm using it too and it works like a charm to me. Does any other Google cards like calendar have an issue too or just Gmail?
@brunosabot Nope, just gmail! It works about half the time, not sure why. It could just be me. Every once in awhile it just says "oops something went wrong" instead of showing my emails.
@noraconrad Could be an API quota limit. I had some troubles lately with that. I managed to optimize that a couple of days ago, I hope it fixes your problem too