Kickstarter for people, literally. In arts, music & culture.

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dimitar inchev
dimitar inchevMaker@idmtr · Team Coworkies &
Hey all I am sharing a project we started in 2011. A place to present your project ideas and find collaborators in Arts, Music, Film & Culture. Let's go collaborate... Update: So how does it work? 1. Present a project and say what kind of people you need e.g. Designer, Photographer, etc. 2. People Apply to join the project. 3. You chat with the applicants and chose the ones who would best fit your project. 4. Everyone joins the a private team chat where the project can be discussed and taken forward.
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
@idmtr love it, but isn't that Kickstarter already?
dimitar inchev
dimitar inchevMaker@idmtr · Team Coworkies &
@writerpollock Hey, thanks for the question. On Kickstarter you ask for monetary support, on RJ you ask for people to join your project as collaborators to make it happen.