Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors has been featured 616 times in iTunes

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Bharath PatelHunter@bharathpatels · Co-Founder @AppYogi Software
Here are some more Promo Codes to try it for Hunters: PXTFLF4Y4X49 RKLTERTKF9XN 36MA667E9N4H A47WHXAKPFPK 7A74FP3H6EH4 A6NPKM4R3NE9 J7TF33AA6EY9 JP3MEJ3PEPYL K4PP9EPK3646
Lisevsky@lisevsky · CEO at New Lion Studio Sp. z o.o.
This is the best design for the game Rock, Paper, Scissors! ;)
Bharath PatelHunter@bharathpatels · Co-Founder @AppYogi Software
@lisevsky Thank you so much :) In the next version of the app, we planned more animations.
Marco Marandiz@allthingsmarco · Product at HomeAway
yaaaaasss. I'm would be using this with people in the same room as me. No more disputes about cheating! but its a dollar soooo....
Bharath PatelHunter@bharathpatels · Co-Founder @AppYogi Software
@allthingsmarco Here is the promo code to download: 6EWFE73XJHHF (Have FUN!!!)
Bharath PatelHunter@bharathpatels · Co-Founder @AppYogi Software
Challenge your Girlfriend, Boyfriend or a friend for an expensive coffee @Starbucks with Rock Paper Scissor!!! Rock Paper Scissor iMessage app, lets you to play with contacts in your iMessage. Download the app, open iMessage, select Rock Paper Scissor app, select your opponent, select your moves and send. Now wait for your opponent to respond and check who won to get expensive coffee at Starbucks. Game rules: (if you don't know) * Paper wraps Rock * Rock smashes Scissors * Scissors cut Paper Designed and implemented following iMessage guidelines to give you an easy to use and lightweight accessory that you will love to have. Rock Paper will be continually updated and maintained for enjoyment. Have Fun!! Note: We are not affiliated with Starbucks in any way. Starbucks is Trademark of Starbucks Inc.
Bharath PatelHunter@bharathpatels · Co-Founder @AppYogi Software
Rock Paper Scissors has been featured 616 times in iTunes and 180+ countries in Game category :)